Update 2.6

Woot woot! Update 2.6 is here.

Why woot woot? Well that is the yell we use here at edloomio when we have completed a task. And the 2.6 update of our platform is focused on “getting things done”.
You need a platform that delivers quick results. Therefore we focus on the daily tasks in which our platform is utilized. We have made it easier to get things done. Let’s check it out.
  1. Need an overview of the completion of multiple groups and/or courses? We have updated the cohort completion report, so you can select multiple cohorts and multiple courses. Easier and faster to get a complete overview of your workforce.
  2. Need support? Simply click on the support widget in the bottom right corner inside your platform. You can search our knowledge base and talk to the support team. You can also send an email to support@edloomio.com. Tickets are automatically created.
  3. Activated recompletion of a course? The brand new course recompletion report gives you an overview of enrolled persons and their remaining time till recompletion. You can manually send them the recompletion notification (email).

Bug Fixes

  • Toggle activity completion in course completion report fixed

Design Improvements

  • Admin menu slides open
  • Message bar margin improved
We’re always working on new features and ideas to keep edloomio the best learning management system on the market. Have any questions about the new 2.6 update? Please contact support@edloomio.com.
As always, your platform updates automatically within the next few days. You can check your version at the bottom of the main column.
Have a great day!

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