How to setup a Face to Face (classroom) training

The Face-to-face training feature is used to keep track of in-person (e.g. classroom) training which require advance booking. Each training is offered in one or more identical sessions. These sessions can be given over multiple days. Reminder messages are sent automatically to users (and optional their managers) a selected amount of days before a session is scheduled. Confirmation messages are also sent automatically when users sign-up for a session or cancel.

You can add a face-to-face training to any existing course. This way you can create blended learning by adding online training.
An example of a typical face-to-face course consist of the follow:
  • The announcements module to keep enrolled users posted of any news
  • An online video or document that users need to view/read before the training.
  • An assessment of quiz to test the knowledge prior to the training.
  • The face-to-face module so users can register for a session.
  • An assessment of quiz to test the knowledge after to the training.
  • Handouts or other downloads
To add a face-to-face training, create a new course of open an existing one. Click on the edit icon in the course menu. Now click on “add an activity”. Select the Face-to-face and click on the “add” button. Fill in the required fields and setup the settings according to your requirements. All mails are send automatically.
After adjusting the settings you can add sessions by clicking the “Add sessions” button.
Users enrolled in the course can register for sessions and trainers can add attendees manually.
Trainers can also view and download an attendee list.
During or after the training, the trainer can give attendees a score and provide feedback. This can be done in the attendee list screen.

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