How do I enrol users into my course?

To enroll a user into your course, there are 2 options:

1. Within a course:

First go to the course. In the main column click on the users icon located below the course description. In this screen you’ll see an overview of the enrolled users. Click on “+Enrol users” button and a popup will appear. Here you can search for users or select cohorts to enroll. You can set a start and end date by clicking on the "Show More" more link at the bottom of the popup screen.

2. From a user profile

Select "Manage Users" in the main menu. Now you will see an overview of all users. Search for the desired user. In the last column, called Action, you see a graduation cap icon, click on this. In the left column you see the enrolled courses of the users. In the right column you see the available courses. You can add and remove courses.

Pro tip
If you want to double check for enrolled users in your course, here are the advanced steps to check the enrolment expiration date:
  • Click on the course settings button.
  • Select " All course settings".
  • Select the users tab.
  • Click on "enrolled users".
  • Now you will see the " old"  enrollment screen. For each user, in the last column you see a cog. Click on this.
  • A popup opens where you can set enrolment start and end dates.

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